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Alphabet Artwork

This year I took part in 36 days of type – a yearly open call that challenges artists from different creative fields to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet!

I’m happy to say I completed the challenge with a daily artwork over the 36 days. I took on the challenge with the intention of not restricting myself to a theme or design spec. I wanted to explore the unknown and varying aspects of what unfolds from free creativity. Admittedly, for the most part, I managed to stick to similar colours which gave it a more flowing feel.

Here is my alphabet in all it’s creative glory.

I ended up with two for “C” because I wanted to work on my portrait skills too and created my first self portrait!

I really enjoyed this and loved the outcome (even if I did conveniently leave out my freckles!) and have ideas for future pencil and led artworks.

Although my artworks in this alphabet were not planned, this “F” I had to plan, was inspired by the #fauxsaics creations on Instagram, and could have easily been an artwork by itself.

I’m glad I planned it and I absolutely love it!

I had a little bit of fun with “I” – which is your favourite?

Despite the simplicity with this “L” I feel accomplished in managing the 3D effect I created, which I’ve struggled with in the past. This really helped progress this skill in my lettering and I also animated the lights, which you can find on my Instagram.

A continuation in my pencil and led work skills for this octopus. Although not taking the official letter “O” form as a whole it has different elements reflecting the letter.

“Who’s been painting my roses red?” – inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

My “V” ended up being a reworked artwork that I created in acrylics many years ago!

I’m pleased with how my artistic skills have developed over the years and how I improved this piece in a different medium. I will be creating products and prints using this artwork, so keep your eyes peeled.

Having completed the letters, I was nervous about approaching the numbers as I hadn’t approached numbers previously.

As I went into them, I started to create the numbers with similar aspects that I had created in the letters.

The “5” was a lot of work with all of those lights but I liked the idea of it being a celebration for the 5th 36 days of type, which also happened to fall on my 500th Instagram post!

I certainly took a liking to clouds during this time also!

Saving the real celebration, in the form of a balloon, to finalise my artworks on the challenge and successfully completing it! – This balloon ended up being one of my favourites too!

Do you have a favourite or two? Did you take part in the challenge as well or feel inspired to do it next year? I would love to see your creations and artworks!

Thank for stopping by and taking a look at my freely created artworks for the alphabet in this years 36 days!


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