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Alphabet Artwork

This year I took part in 36 days of type – a yearly open call that challenges artists from different creative fields to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet!

I’m happy to say I completed the challenge with a daily artwork over the 36 days. I took on the challenge with the intention of not restricting myself to a theme or design spec. I wanted to explore the unknown and varying aspects of what unfolds from free creativity. Admittedly, for the most part, I managed to stick to similar colours which gave it a more flowing feel.

Here is my alphabet in all it’s creative glory.

I ended up with two for “C” because I wanted to work on my portrait skills too and created my first self portrait!

I really enjoyed this and loved the outcome (even if I did conveniently leave out my freckles!) and have ideas for future pencil and led artworks.

Although my artworks in this alphabet were not planned, this “F” I had to plan, was inspired by the #fauxsaics creations on Instagram, and could have easily been an artwork by itself.

I’m glad I planned it and I absolutely love it!

I had a little bit of fun with “I” – which is your favourite?

Despite the simplicity with this “L” I feel accomplished in managing the 3D effect I created, which I’ve struggled with in the past. This really helped progress this skill in my lettering and I also animated the lights, which you can find on my Instagram.

A continuation in my pencil and led work skills for this octopus. Although not taking the official letter “O” form as a whole it has different elements reflecting the letter.

“Who’s been painting my roses red?” – inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

My “V” ended up being a reworked artwork that I created in acrylics many years ago!

I’m pleased with how my artistic skills have developed over the years and how I improved this piece in a different medium. I will be creating products and prints using this artwork, so keep your eyes peeled.

Having completed the letters, I was nervous about approaching the numbers as I hadn’t approached numbers previously.

As I went into them, I started to create the numbers with similar aspects that I had created in the letters.

The “5” was a lot of work with all of those lights but I liked the idea of it being a celebration for the 5th 36 days of type, which also happened to fall on my 500th Instagram post!

I certainly took a liking to clouds during this time also!

Saving the real celebration, in the form of a balloon, to finalise my artworks on the challenge and successfully completing it! – This balloon ended up being one of my favourites too!

Do you have a favourite or two? Did you take part in the challenge as well or feel inspired to do it next year? I would love to see your creations and artworks!

Thank for stopping by and taking a look at my freely created artworks for the alphabet in this years 36 days!


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International Women’s Day 2018

Happy International Women’s Day! A day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

Being an artist and maker myself means I’m constantly noticing amazing works by other women within this community. So, in celebration of today, I’m sharing with you some stunning makes and wonderful things happening by some of these remarkable women!

Bristol Girl Bosses

A collective of 8 designer makers based in Bristol. These amazing women are supporting and showcasing artwork inspired by women this month with their exhibition ‘muse!’ Pretty excited to share this local art news and their team – when women join forces great things like this happen!

Be in the know and support these women yourselves by checking out their social profile and this exhibition! Have you already had a look at ‘muse?’ Feel free to leave your thoughts or a review in the comments.

Hives & Herbals

Bristol beekeeper Alyson Hurst makes hand creams, lip balms and candles with herbs and her own beeswax. A beautiful passion for local and natural ingredients lives here!

Did you know that the worker bees are all female?! – if the queen bee in you wants to support these little females, you can purchase directly through Alyson on her Hives and Herbals Facebook page or at the We Make Bristol shop in Westbury on Trym.

Augarde Art

Artist Jessica Augarde creates beautiful art prints. With a good selection of empowering women quotes, they will proudly put some personality on your walls and make great gifts for your friends on this International Women’s Day, or any occasion for that matter.

Celebrating International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, Jessica has 20% off selected prints in her shop. You can find and celebrate with Augarde Art on Etsy.

Other Noteworthy Recommendations

Other things to do, see and watch. Why not have a search online at what’s happening in your local area?! There’s most likely a host of things you didn’t know about… and then invite your friends. Staying in? Check out this list!

  • Send the women in your lives a card, even a text, just to remind them of how wonderful they are!
  • Jessica Jones S2 airs on Netflix! She has attitude and I love it!
  • The Dressmaker – I know this isn’t new, but I only managed to watch it just recently when film 4 were celebrating women on and off screen. Absolutely loved it! Wish I’d watched it on the big screen, I will be getting it on DVD and admiring Kate Winslet for an age!
  • On Becoming Fearless In Love, Work And Life by Arianna Huffington. A celebration of overcoming those fears that effect us all!
  • Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. If you read anything this year and you haven’t read this yet, put it on your list!

Elf Paper Co Gift

A gift from me to you! I created this ‘Wild Woman’ screensaver image and decided I would gift it to all of the wild women of the world. All you have to do is tap on the image, save it, select it within your camera roll and save as your wallpaper. Voilà!

You can also share on social media. Copyright is not transferred with the image, many thanks for your understanding.

Do you have any recommendations? Then, please share, I would love to know!

Here’s hoping you have a fabulous day, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in the world!

– Caroline xo